Weco not only offers its customers the manufacture of its products under the highest quality standard in order to achieve maximum efficiency, with a clear customer-service focus. In addition, the company offers several services in 3 areas with different objectives but with a common denominator in all of them: to make the day-to-day life of our clients easier:

Give a new lifeto the products we manufacture through maintenance and repair of the same, reducing the costs of stockpiling new material and making the initial investment of our customermore durable, efficient and affordable;

Make the life of ourcustomers easier with turnkey products that reduce their structural costs and/ or that reduce intermediation costs;
Adapt our services to every need without having to depend on third parties to offer internally the manufacturing of cast-iron models in some cases at lower costs and quicker.

Products repairs

The elements that we manufacture usually work in one of the most hostile environments one can imagine: electric arc furnaces. It is not uncommon to find elements that have been damaged with loss of material, water leaks, cracks, etc for different reasons (electric arc, priming, scrap metal fall, oxygen rebound, etc.) … We are experts in the repair of all the elements that we manufacture, from electrode-holder jaws, to which we give several new lifetimes thanks to the correct maintenance work or Cubilote nozzles, to furnace boilermaking elements such as tank panels (in copper, steel or mixed) wherewe replace elbows, caps, or parts of tubes, we repair water leaks, or that we re-adjust to their original radio etc.

The objective of Weco is that our customer can extend the life of our products at the lowest cost.


Refractory works

Sometimes the thermal contact products that we manufacture are lined with a refractory mass. This task is typically performed by customer’s staff or a sub-contracted company upon receipt of Weco’s products.

With the aim that the customer can place the producer directly received in the furnace, Weco offers the possibility of serving the copper pieces with the refractory mass already incorporated and with the correct agreed drying curve. Our partner Mettop, a great expert in the world of refractory, is giving us technical support all the way.


Manufacturing 3D models

Weco is an innovative company and keeps up-to-date with new technologies. We have incorporated the 3-D printing of cast-iron models into our production process. This ability to manufacture our own models gives us both the ability to adapt very well to our customers’ needs and to be able to make quick modifications or repairs on customers’ models that we receive.

Objective achieved: quick service at a lower cost for our customers.





We manufacture parts of up to 4 net tons in our 3,500 m² facility equipped with two casting furnaces, a full machining workshop, molding and modeling area, welding area, engineering and quality control..