WECO, founded in 2010, is a Spanish non-ferrous metal foundry with a high degree of specialization in the manufacture and design of high-purity copper parts, cooled by water as components of Electric Arc Furnaces used in the sectors of the steel industry, ferro-alloys, copper refineries, etc..

Our project is to supply to the market a product of an industrial nature, with a strong component of replacement material for the furnaces of the large foundries of both ferrous and non-ferrous products. And although it is undoubtedly high purity copper (100% IACS) as a result in our products, the greatest added value that our company offers, the scope of services, apart from casting copper, also includes smelting of parts. with different copper-based alloys and the electric Arc Furnace boiler. In addition Weco provides consulting, maintenance, repairing and refractory lining services for the elements it produces.

We have the most advanced patented casting technology in our 3500m2 covered and 8900m2 facilities available.

Annual capacity: 1000 tons. 100% Iacs. 4-Tn finished product.


Our products are elements of very high responsibility: they are strategic for our customers and are a high-technical component where quality and know-how areessential for the correct operation, not only of the piece themselves but also and above all, of the furnacesthey are part of. This is why our mission focusses on:

  • Offering products of the highest quality.
  • Complete integration of the added-value chain. From the purchase of raw material, design, simulations, casting, machining and quality controls, everything is handled by our company and always respecting the environment.
  • Combining our experience with new technologies, in a continuous improvement of our production processes.
  • Establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers, as they are a valuable part of the supply chain.

Weco has an interdisciplinary group of highly-qualified professionals, committed to deadlines and quality, continuously looking for excellence.

“Communication within the team and with the client is the key to success.”


Mettop and Weco have been partnering since 2017 to develop an innovative new foundry process. In 2019, both companies joined forces and the Austrian engineering Mettop became a shareholder of Weco, and Weco became part of an important industrial and technological group.

We actively work with

Pierrer Industrie
Urban Gold


High-Conductivity Cast – 100% IACS

Weco is the largest Spanish producer of copper smelting parts, focussing its production mainly to the supply of components for Steelworks, Ferroalloy and Copper Refineries.