Tests and certificates

To ensure our quality we carry out different tests internally and externally.

Internal tests

  • Electrical conductivity meter
  • Thermography with ILTEC system and thermal camera
  • Thickness measurement
  • Hardness meter
  • Dimensional Control
  • Ball test
  • Casting Simulator
  • Hydraulic Test Pressure (pump test)

  • Test of loss and absence of objects (gauges)

External tests

  • X – Rays
  • Metallographic studies
  • Mechanicaltensile test
  • Ultrasound

What happens when something goes wrong?

Internal process of products that do not pass the internal quality tests.

Internal quality system

Efficient production management

Over the years, Weco has selected the best suppliers to meet its standards of quality and flexibility. The geographical proximity with our suppliers allows us to give our clients not only the highest quality, but also gives us great flexibility to meet tight delivery times, with the support of our custom-developped PRONOX management system.

RAW Materials

  • Pure copper: Grade A-cathodecopper exclusively from European manufacturers
  • Alloys such as Cual9, CuAl10Fe2, C95500, C46400, F-45, F60-, F-75, etc. always starting from standardized pre-alloyed ingots.
  • Copper tubes: European manufacturing certified. Monel 400 and stainless steel 310 S: European suppliers.