steel works

Weco manufactures different products for the steel-producer industry, mainly encompassing three different areas.

Electrical or thermal contact elements

  • Cast or hotrolled
  • Cu 99.97% – 100% IACS
  • Electrodeholder clamps, finco ling ingots, tuyeres, copper deslagging door, etc

Injection of gases and additives

  • High-SpeedRolled Copper / Steel Panels
  • IACS 100% IACS Cast High Speed Panels
  • Oxygen injectors and lance
  • Carbon Injectors
  • Burners

Copper and Steel boilermaking

  • Roofs

  • Fume Extraction Elbows
  • Copper and Steel Panels, Ebt, etc..
  • Slagdoor
  • Ducts

  • Stainless Steel and Steel furnace clamp